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Liberty Staffordshire was founded in 2015.  The drive to establish Liberty was born out of the passion to offer young people/adults with SEND/SEMH opportunities.  Liberty strives to develop programmes which enables its members similar or the same experiences as any other young person.  Since 2015 Liberty have established a working relationship with University of Derby, Staffordshire Uni and Newman offering work placements and paid employment to students on the community and youth work programmes. This has resulted in developing a professional team of youth and community workers, professional SEND teachers and sports coaches.

The charity is led by Maggi Huckfield, Liberty Jamborees CEO and co-founder.  In 2019 Liberty became a registered charity (formerly CIC).  Maggi is the driving force within Liberty, joined by a wider management team who have added value to the work and professional practice of Liberty. None of this would be possible without the lessons offered by young people/adults whose resilience, determination and drive teach us every day that anything is possible.  Liberty is unique in that it offers some members to become paid employees in all areas of the charity offering the living wage.  Jobs include trainee youth support workers, cleaners, office work and marketing.  Volunteer and mentoring roles are also supported.

To ensure we capture the outputs and outcomes of our programmes we evidence against the National Occupational standards for Youth and Community work. These ensure we can offer evidence-based practise and work from a young person-centred approach. We capture all evidence on UPSHOT a reporting data base and use a variety of personal development monitoring methods such as Outcome Star.

The Framework from the NYA provides Nationally recognised framework, Please see Framework

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Meet the folks who make it all happen. We see big potential in every moment and care deeply about what we do every day.

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Meet the trustees

I joined the board at Liberty as I am committed to be a voice and representative of anyone who identifies as part of a community that is under-represented due to disability.

I believe in demonstrating an accepting and positive regard for others and want to help grow Liberty Staffordshire into a hub of lifestyle choices for our young people. I am a mother of a 16 year old boy with learning difficulties and empathize with the struggles that parents go through every day when we are trying to carve out the best possible outcomes for our children. I have vast experience of bid writing and fundraising and hope to make a positive impact on Liberty Staffordshire.
– Ash

My name is Amy Barnett, and I’m thrilled to serve as the treasurer on the board of trustees for Liberty Jamboree. My motivation to join the board stems from witnessing the remarkable efforts they put into assisting young people and young adults with special educational needs and disabilities, making a significant positive impact on their lives and those of their parents and caregivers. Since becoming a part of the board, I’ve actively volunteered for various Liberty projects and even participated in the Great North Run to support their cause.

In the realm of the finance sector, I bring a wealth of experience spanning 15 years, complemented by my attainment of certificate in accountancy along with computerised accounts qualification. My objective is to contribute my financial expertise to Liberty, making myself available to aid their growth.

I wholeheartedly embrace Liberty’s vision to facilitate the seamless integration of its members into society, and I take immense pride in being a part of their dedicated board.
– Amy Barnett

I’m Kat Steventon and I am thrilled to join the board of Trustees for Liberty Jamboree as Secretary. I chose to join the board after seeing the positive impact that the charity has had for both service users and their loved ones over the years. I am passionate about promoting the wellbeing of children and young people. Liberty Jamboree has gone from strength to strength and I am committed to ensuring the sustained success of the charity.
I have a broad background in working with children and young people, inclusive of those who are neurodiverse or living with disabilities or mental ill health, which I hope to use to benefit Liberty Jamboree in my role. I currently work as a researcher focusing on a broad range of topics including children, adolescents, families, community, as well as psychological aspects of health and wellbeing. I hold a PhD in Global Health and have contributed to projects commissioned by international agencies including UNICEF and Save the Children. Prior to my current role, I worked as a youth worker and assistant psychologist. I am excited to be a part of Liberty Jamboree’s next steps.
– Kat Steventon
My name is Keegan. My daughter has attended Liberty for the past 5 years, and I am a trustee of Liberty Jamboree because I wanted to give something back and make sure Jamboree is around for a long time yet! I have over 20 years of business experience through which I have developed excellent communication skills, team working, knowledge of business and project management. I am very honest, and extremely determined.
– Keegan

I am a Director in a global aerospace company with a Master’s Degree (MBA) and studying towards my Doctorate in business administration. I coach future business leaders while leading my own business unit. I enjoy long walks with my family, skiing, jogging, and fitness in general. I am also a self-confessed bookworm with far too many books.
– Mark Clayton

I am the Business Manager in a primary school, with a well of knowledge in school operations, health & safety, and finance, I have a passion for education and being a role model for the children I interact with at my school. I am structured and thoughtful in everything I do. I enjoy skiing and stand-up paddleboarding with my family, as well as long walks especially on cold and crisp days with our dog.
– Emma Clayton
My name is Beth, I have several years experience as a trustee for another youth organisation, and by day I manage construction projects for a utility company. Having seen how much both my brother and our family as a whole gain from the amazing work that Liberty do, I felt it was only right to help out however I can.
– Beth F
Hello, I am Sue Barnes, and I am proud to serve as a newly appointed trustee at Liberty Jamboree. I have a long history with Liberty as my son Jack has attended since he was about 11 years old. Our families journey with Jack has been an absolute rollercoaster ride, thwart with huge highs and scary lows but this would not have been possible to overcome without the unwavering support from Liberty. The changes to Liberty over the years have been truly remarkable – always striving in growth so that they can provide the very best opportunities for our young people.

I have over 20 years’ experience in Education and leadership, collaborating with all stakeholders for the best outcomes for children. I’m excited to support Liberty with my knowledge, expertise, and passion during their next developmental stage.
– Susan Barnes

My name is Suzanne Walker, My son is 18 and has Down’s syndrome, he first started Liberty when he was about 11/12. Through the years he has attended he has gained many friends, he has become more independent and gained lots of experiences, he also took up a musical instrument (drumming)!!! he loves performing.
I am an Assistant Manager/SENCO at a Pre-school in Cannock, in my spare time when not running Harry around to his various social activities I enjoy X-stitch, I also enjoyed scuba diving. I am also a qualified swimming teacher.
– Suzanne Walker

Meet the patrons

Lumley OBE and Mina Anwar

Introducing Liberty Jamboree’s Two New Art Patrons

Liberty Jamboree are delighted and extremely excited to announce Joanna Lumley OBE and Mina Anwar as our Patrons!

Joanna Lumley offered her support by saying….
“Liberty Jamboree and the Liberty Choir have stolen my heart. Getting people to understand what we say and think is one of the fundamental requirements of a human being; Liberty grabs that idea and makes it fly ahead of us. I am so very proud to be a patron of such an extraordinary and vital organisation. “
Mina Anwar added ..”I hope I can do my utmost to help raise awareness and promote the beneficial work this amazing charity provides in the community. Liberty Arts provides a platform for young people with disabilities to be heard.
I’m delighted and honoured to be a Patron for Liberty Jamboree Arts “
We can not say how wonderful this support is for raising the awareness of Inclusive Arts & Equality for our members and for all people living with SEND!
Thank you both.